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Supporting Miami's Ecosystem of Jewish Day Schools

Supporting Miami's Ecosystem of Jewish Day Schools

The simplest definition of an ecosystem is that it is a community or group that lives in and interacts with each other in a specific environment and requires energy from an external source. For Miami’s ecosystem of Jewish day schools that source is CAJE. CAJE’s Day School department has worked in partnership with Miami’s Jewish day schools and the Greater Miami Jewish Federation to ensure a vibrant and healthy ecosystem.
Renewing and Reimagining the Covenant

Renewing and Reimagining the Covenant

In the previous parsha, Yitro, we moved through the climactic and other-worldly giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai… And then you reach Mishpatim: a prosaic litany of civil legislation and everyday situations…. This juxtaposition tells us: you may have thought that the dramatic revelation at Sinai was the covenant, but the real covenant is right here, down in the muddy waters of everyday human relations.

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